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The mystique behind Accountants Fees

Have you always wondered how your accountant prices up for the work they do? 
Are you getting value for your money or paying through the nose? Read about our (insider) views

It's not worth being self employed - is it?

It's as if we were all encouraged to go for it. Be your own boss, achieve freedom and wealth. And then, those encouraging us pulled the rug from under our feet!

HMRC - it's so funny how we don't talk anymore

Have you got an accent? I have, it's a Dudley based one (Sedgley to be precise). And now after years of talking proudly with a Black Country accent it's finally started to hinder me....with HMRC!

How to easily get up to £900 back from the taxman

Many people qualify for this easy to apply for tax allowance, yet over 2 million are yet to do so. Is the tax man just itching to give you up to £900? Find out if you qualify.

MTD - I always feel like somebody's watching me

I read an article in the Daily Mail recently about shocking new powers that the taxman will have to potentially spy on you. I don't want them spying on me, that's for sure, so I investigated further.

Building a secure online portal for non-techies

If you are a professional office, such as an accountant, solicitor, estate agent, travel agent or bookkeeper, there are very good reasons to build secure online portals, especially in the business environment. 

Want to open a bank account in 5 minutes?

There are alternatives to the traditional banks these days and they can take away the hassle and chore of dealing with the traditional dinosaur banks we have had to endure for a long time

Auto Enrolment: are we really "All In"?

The phrase "We're all in" has been used a lot with auto enrolment, which can only be seen as implying that every person in work should be or is obligated to be enrolled into a work place pension. Is this really the case? 

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